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Fashion forward Dubai Season 7 is round the corner and we’re thrilled and excited to be exhibiting alongside top jewelry and accessory designers in Dubai. The location has been changed to Hai D3 this year, which is believed to be the upcoming hip design home in the region. What are we exhibiting? On display will be our collections – Impressions of a geisha, Pristine and our latest offering ‘Celestia’ - A/W16. ‘Celestia’ is inspired by our want to get acquainted with the unknown, while being accompanied by our most loved. The forms and motifs are inspired by the outer space such as those of the sun and moon. It celebrates a fusion of traditional aesthetics of adornment while the final visual appeal of the pieces echoes a futuristic rendition. The collection is a perfect fit for the beautiful Iftars during the Ramadan season ! The collection also consists of a statement hair jewelry piece created in collaboration with Tresemme’ Arabia, and will be on public display for the very first time.

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