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A few days back, I had penned down an article listing my pick of ‘top 10 styles of Engagement and Wedding rings’. My no.1 pick was the personalized version. A jewelry piece always says so much – and what I like most about personalized jewelry is that it says it in your unique way! Over the years, I have been fortunate to work alongside some lovely clients to create bespoke pieces for them. I must admit that designing and crafting Bridal or Wedding Jewelry is always a special experience as it marks such an important milestone in the couple’s lives. And to be trusted with creating a symbolic jewel that is inspired by their unique story and sentiments, is a matter of much joy and honor. I happened to get in touch with a lovely couple I had worked with sometime back, and got down to recounting our experience of working on their personalized wedding rings.

I met Leah and Andrew in the early summer months of 2015. They were in the midst of planning their wedding and looking to get personalized wedding rings for their big day. 

I remember being particularly impressed with Leah’s knowledge of gemstones and the types of different stone settings we could explore. I later found out that while in secondary school, during the summer she had worked at a jewelry store in her hometown. “I knew a few styles and settings I liked and preferred more of the prong set band, rather than channel set etc. When I decided to use stones with personal meaning it meant finding the right person to help create my vision”, she says. 

She shared with me a beautiful gold bracelet, set with diamonds and sapphires. The bracelet had a lovely story behind it and Leah was keen to explore the option of using the gemstones from the bracelet in her ring. 


The embroidered satin patch was sewn into the lining of Leah's dress so that she could keep a picture of her dad with her throughout the day and as she walked down the aisle

“I love and cherish things with sentimental value. My dad passed away when I was young, and I have held onto a few items of his or things he gave my mom. One of those was a bracelet with sapphires and diamonds. It was one of two bracelets, the other was shared with my sister when she had her first child. My mom was born in September so my dad always liked to give her jewelry with her birthstone. Not always knowing what I would necessarily do with the bracelet, I always kept it in my jewelry box as a special memento. After Andrew and I got engaged and started to discuss our wedding bands it seemed only natural to use the bracelet. It was a way I could incorporate my dad into our special day, and not only have him as a part of that day, but a part of our marriage forever. Knowing that the band I wear everyday was part of my parents’ marriage made it all the more special.”


Leah and her dad

The first step was to clean the diamonds and sapphires and see if we could still use them by inspecting them for any fractures. Knowing the history behind the bracelet, I was very keen to use the stones in the ring and was elated to note that the gems were still in great condition. Later, I graded the diamonds for their cut, weight, color and clarity so that if we needed to source additional diamonds, we knew what factors to look for. 


The Ferguson wedding

The next step was the designing process. I knew that Leah intended to wear both rings in one finger, so it was important that the engagement ring and the wedding ring complemented each other. Her engagement ring was an 18K White Gold three-stone-ring set with an oval cut diamond flanked by pear cuts on either sides. We both agreed that a white gold band set with alternating diamonds and sapphires in prong setting would go beautifully with the wedding ring. As for the thickness of the band and the height at which the stones would be set, I took reference from the engagement ring. The setting height was worked out in a manner such that when the two rings were worn together, the center oval cut diamond of the engagement ring appeared highest, and the round diamonds and sapphires of the wedding band appeared a step lower. This would ensure that while the rings sat flush, the stones did not not clash at any point.


A closeup of the rings

Andrew gravitated towards a casual understated look for his ring. As he wasn’t used to wearing jewelry on an everyday basis, we decided to go with a classic band in 18K White Gold with Matte Brush finish, which he was comfortable to wear daily, in terms of both the look and the feel.

“We had a wonderful experience with Vinita. We both work and Vinita was very accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments to design and try on the bands etc. She worked with us every step of the way, meeting a few times throughout the design and manufacturing process, to make sure we were happy with the style and fit. All of these factors ensured that when we received the final bands, they were perfect!”, recount Leah and Andrew happily. 

Dear Leah and Andrew, it was an absolute pleasure creating your wedding rings, and thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your beautiful fairytale, and I wish for you a lifetime of love and blessed togetherness! 


Leah and Andrew at their wedding

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